Owner Management Fee Structure

To give you a feel for our approach, we have two basic components to our contracts:

Marketing Your Property:

We have found that owners are more concerned with large initial marketing fees – or a constant stream of small charges that never seems to end – advertising, putting up “for rent sign”, credit checks, etc.  For this reason we have a FLAT RATE markeing fee of $500 for your property which includes the following services:

  • Video tour of property, posted on our YouTube site. This minimizes the wear and tear in your home from casual inquiries – we do not show your property until the prospect has seen the video tour. Value: $125
  • Listing of your property: We list your property on the Tucson Multiple Listing      Service and other sites, which syndicate your listing to over 300 different websites, getting your property out in front of prospective tenants. Value: $175 – $275
  • Condition video of property, maintained on our servers. We take a second detailed video of your property, documenting initial movein condition.  Value: $100
  • Referral fee for showing agents: We offer $175 in our marketing materials for your property, which is one of the highest referral fees on the Tucson Multiple Listing Service, so that agents at other companies are motivated to show your property and get it rented! Value: $175
  • Rental Property Registration: This is a mandatory registration step for all rental properties, with a potential $20,000 fine for owners if not registered. Value: $40
  • Sign Installation: We use a professional sign installer, not a Home Depot wire      frame stuck into your front yard. Value: $45
  • Tenant Screening: we manage the screening details with your tenant prospects with our 24 hour call center, safeguarding their confidential data on our  company servers so that you do not have to deal with confidentiality issues like red flag rules and security breaches. All applicant information must be maintained for one year according to Arizona Landlord Tenant law. Value: $125-$225+ depending on volume of applicants

Total Value of Marketing Package: $785 to $985

Flat Rate Marketing Fee Cost: Only $500!

We work hard to optimize the value of our services for our property owners!

Monthly Property Management:

We do not charge fees while your property is vacant – this would not motivate us to get it rented.  We charge 9% of the monthly rent and any maintenance expenses are passed along to you at our invoiced cost from our contractor network.  We do not mark up our expenses, and we do not charge you admin fees/court fees/legal fees in the case of evictions.  Many other companies use a much different philosophy.

We also set up your file archive in our File Server, then set up the tenant in our accounting system and an on-line payment system.

We apply many of the inspection techniques that we have learned with our large corporate clients – for example we video inspect your property on the move in and move out, and if the tenant has any issues with the move-out charges we can post these videos to YouTube for private viewing – this helps to reduce many potential small-claims courts issues with tenants that are time consuming and counterproductive.

We work hard to get your properties listed quickly– our goal is to get a qualified tenant into your property as soon as possible!

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