Integra Group Real Estate Provides Video Inspections of REO, HUD and Distressed Properties to Servicers

TUCSON, Ariz., March 14, 2012Integra Group Real Estate LLC, a brokerage firm specializing in the marketing and sale of REO, HUD and distressed properties in Southern Arizona, is incorporating video inspections for individual property assignments as part of its effort to further enhance its Integra Process, the company’s quality control system.

The Integra Process, driven by the company’s advanced back office technology, significantly enhances the traditional brokerage process for mortgage lenders, banks and government-sponsored enterprises. The process will now consist of five to 10 minute videos of the property inspections that show detailed issues such as abandoned personal property, deferred maintenance issues or property damage.

Documenting these issues provides servicers the chance to more efficiently file insurance claims, police reports and enable the appropriate condition adjustments to be made for the client’s property valuation. The non-public property inspection videos will be available through YouTube, Home On The Tube or clients can view them through the Integra client portal system, which also provides access to weekly inspection logs and photos of their properties.

“Effectively communicating the current condition of the property is the biggest obstacle for our clients in order to accurately service and market the property,” said Eric Lichtenheld, president of Integra Group Real Estate. “Integra Group improves transparency and can alleviate that burden by maximizing the use of technology and incorporating video reporting to allow clients to get the most out of the disposition value of their distressed properties.”

About Integra Group Real Estate

Founded in 2005, Tucson, Ariz.-based Integra Group Real Estate LLC is a brokerage firm specializing in the management, preservation and marketing of REO, HUD and distressed properties to underserved demographics in Southern Arizona. Through its proprietary Integra Process, the broker provides strategic property evaluation, counseling, preservation and property marketing assistance to four of the top 10 U.S. mortgage lenders. For more information, visit

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