Founded in 2005 by Eric and Ofelia Lichtenheld, Integra Group Real Estate is a full service broker that specializes in all aspects of real estate marketing and property management. Integra Group services metro Tucson and all of southern Arizona, with memberships in all four of the MLS associations covering this area.

The Integra team manages southern Arizona real estate for clients and has consistently been one of the top listing brokers in metro Tucson.  We have a wide range of clients, from six of the top 10 mortgage lenders, government sponsored enterprises (GSEs) and specialty portfolio owners to individual home owners.  Integra is able to leverage economies of scale through its proprietary technology that was designed to specifically meet individual client requirements. Integra also targets real estate agents in the area and is known as the go-to listing broker for higher quality properties.

Integra Group Real Estate is dedicated to the respectful treatment of people and to the humane treatment of their pets as well throughout the real estate transaction – whether it is an arms length or distressed property transaction.

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